About us

The intention for this space is to be as transparent as we can for our products, fabric and us. We are serious about reacting to be eco-friendly and sustainable. We are also serious about the quality of products and your comfort.

We wanted to find a community of people who notice the importance of yourself to the world. And we would love to remind you that taking a small step could make the difference to the world.

We are glad that you are here. Please take a look around. You can learn more about fabrics, products, and our values here.

About Our Planet

When we launched the brand, we had been thinking about a question: if we compare environmental pollution to a disease of the planet, can we still be optimistic about the healing of the planet today?

As for the pollution of the earth, the real source is not just a few companies, not just a few loggers, but the whole way of life of today's people. To save our Mr earth, we believe that the key lies in plans and actions.

Perhaps we don't have the ability to care about deforestation, soil erosion or the hole in the ozone layer. But we can't ignore the news everyday talking about people getting sick because polluted water or the air is getting dirtier than it used to be.

If this goes on in the long run, not only will the wealth we aspire for become a tree without roots, but even our daily life will be fatally affected. What else can we drink? What else can we breathe?

We are deeply aware of the importance of nature to society.


Back to simpleness

We understand that fast fashion is the trend of our society. These days, fast fashion is thriving because of the affordable price and adorable styles. The production is speeding up and the consumers go after it. Multiple styles and constant updates give us a sense of excitement and freshness.

Simultaneously, while new collections come up every season, tons of garments have been left at the corner as trend changes but nobody has even seen that.

However, we saw that. The tremendous waste should not continue any more. As an apparel brand, we are determined to take responsibility for reducing production waste.

We refuse to participate in this vicious circle. We advocate slow fashion: not blindly follow fashion trends, return to minimalism, and pay attention to your true inner needs.

Yes, as you can see, we don’t have too many styles or complicated prints. We tend to be simple and dedicate ourselves to creating comfort fabrics.

Every type of fabric has been tested over a thousand times to make sure you are comfortable, confident, loved with it.

This is us, devoting ourselves to more environmentally-friendly materials and technologies, making each piece of products healthier, safer, more skin-friendly.

We care about this planet as much as we care about you. We hope to create a comfortable environment for our customer and protect this world at the same time.
That’s why we would make sure every single process of the productions are green, clean and eco-friendly.

We would love to remind you that taking a small step would make differences to protect the world, and we would invite you to join us.